I suck

I know, I know... I said I would try to have my second marriage post up by the other evening. I just haven't had the time to write it all out yet. I will really try to post it tomorrow afternoon. 

In the meantime, I will share with you that Kristy and I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner a little while ago. Those things are expensive. I thought her obsession with getting one was a little ridiculous. Why pay $600 for a vacuum cleaner when you can get one for $60 at Target? She swore that the Dyson was better. So, she did what does and started searching for the one she wanted and trying to find the best deal on it. My wife is a total "super-shopper" in that she is really good at researching the best products and then finding them at the best prices. She ended up finding a floor model of the "Animal" vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to pick up pet hair (and when you have an Australian Shepherd, that is important) for sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for 40% off the original price. She then negotiated with the sales guy a little and got him to take another 10% off. By the way, you can negotiate prices just about anywhere. I have even haggled at Walmart and gotten the price I wanted.

So, now this vacuum cleaner is going to be $300 plus tax. She then, and I love this... probably because she got this from me, whipped out her 20% off coupon. So, we ended up buying a $600 vacuum cleaner for $258. I still thought that was expensive but she had done such a good job so I signed off on the purchase as well.  

The vacuum is TOTALLY worth it! It really is a superior machine. The carpet looks brand new after every time we run the vacuum. 

Anyway, I know I suck for not getting the 2nd marriage post up. Sorry.

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Keith W said...


I preface this comment with the full disclosure that Shelley/I purchased a $200+ vacuum from sears a year ago (after years of $60 target vacuums) and it is amazing.

$260 is over one years worth of income for a family in Ethiopia, a country with over 5 million orphans.

I used to work at P&G/Iams (did a lot of research), the amount of money Americans spend on dogs alone is enough resources for fully feed the entire world (not just the poor, but the entire world).

So, where does our standard of living (you/I, not america as a whole) enter into ignoring the poor, turning a blind eye while we enjoy our american (as opposed to radical kingdom) living?

I ask this fully knowing I will be watching college football today on my big screen TV with the kids.