So, it is 2:30am, I have two midterms tomorrow, and I should be studying. I just can't get going. I studied for these exams over the weekend already so it's not like I am in dire straits (great band by the way) or anything. This isn't a cramming session. I just need to make two really good grades to keep up my hopes of having a 4th straight semester of all As.

I have been doing lots of things to distract myself, but it is now time to put my nose to the grindstone and go over this information so that I can get two 100% scores tomorrow. I have tried to be really consistent in how I study. Music in the background is bad for me. Television is bad for my studying. Kristy being home and awake makes it difficult. So, I am sitting at my desk at 2:30am and it is time to get going. Here I go.

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