I am working on a Statement of Faith for one of my classes. It is fun and difficult at the same time. I enjoy articulating my theological positions on issues, but it is hard to craft a document like this. It can only be a certain length (and I can be a tad verbose when discussing things I am passionate about). Plus, this is for a grade so creativity and style are important. I cannot simply hand in a list of bullet points. I have to craft this document. Eventually, this will be how I am judged by churches where I will be seeking a call. Of course, I know that this document will be revised in the coming years, but it is still me taking a stand. I take that seriously. I want to be firm yet compassionate to the fact that there are those who will disagree with me... many of whom are much smarter than I am and have just as strong of an argument for their position as I do. I want to apply my theological statements, which stem from historic beliefs within Christianity, to our modern day concerns and attempt to clean up seemingly archaic language. In all, I want this to be both practical and poetic.

I will post my rough draft later today.

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