What would Jesus think...

Of our economic system?

I did a short theological study of capitalism with a group of my fellow seminarians this semester. While we approached the subject from the point of view that we live in a capitalist society and that, in and of itself, capitalism is not evil, we definitely concluded that there is much that is evil which the system perpetuates by rewarding. I'll be discussing this in a bit more detail throughout this week, but what do you think?

Also, U2 has a great cover of this song as well.

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spiritasdivinehistory@yahoo.com said...

No confession of faith looks merely to the past; every confession seeks to cast the light of a priceless heritage on the needs of the present moment, and so to shape the future." - The Book Of Confessions

This is what is call Substance in philosophy. The determination of content such as to bring the Notion (the truth in things, idea or Spirit) to its absolute meaning.

I have studied capitalism from the point of view a misapprehended very interesting Guy and I came to the same conclusion as He did:
Sell everything, give it to the poor (the POOR, not the "church",) take your cross, follow me!

To understand that, there is one thing that can help:
http://bit.ly/ejLarn (It's free, like the market)

It does help answer this question as well: Is Jesus History?

So long ;)