Hello (hello, hello) can anybody hear me?

So that's twice this week my titles have quoted Pink Floyd.  Is there some blogspot award for that?

I don't think even my wife reads this blog.  I know that my friends Mike (formerly Mike-dogg) and Shelley have stopped by, but other than them I am not sure anyone is reading this.

Oh well, it's a good thing I am not really writing in here just about everyday for others.  This has been a great outlet for me so far and my wife (again, who doesn't read this) doesn't have to endure my ramblings quite as much (unless she gets some alcohol in me).  

Well, I will continue writing.  I hope to get better.  If you have any suggestions let me know.
I sure Wish You Were Here (hey, there's another Pink Floyd reference!).


Keith W said...

I'm reading,... but started late so while I have skimed the past,... I look forward reading and commenting on the future posts... fun stuff.


A Modern Ancient said...

how the heck you and shelley find the time to do anything besides love and care for your unbelievably adorable kids is beyond me.

Guy said...

Hey Dave, I'll read it now!

Teresa2 said...

I read your blog because I am NOSY. :) It's good to see you writing. You are really good at it... though I disagree with a lot of what you say (but what's new? -lol). Keep writing!