Money, it's a gas

Well, Pink Floyd almost had it right.  They should have said, "Money, goes to gas."  Holy crap I can't believe how much our household expenses have gone up.  My wife and I have a few dollars remaining to last us the day and then her check is deposited tonight at midnight.  Payday couldn't come soon enough.  Gas and milk both cost $4.  Produce is through the roof. We don't eat meat (just fish sometimes... I am rethinking that in light of animal theology) so that helps, but healthy food (organic, free-trade, etc.) seems to have gone up the most.  Oh well, I am just happy I can open my fridge and know that there will be something in there I can eat.  Of course, it might just be a SmartDog or a SlimFast shake, but it is more than a lot of people get... and for that, I am grateful.

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