I know, I know

So, I really wanted to be consistent with this blog, but the last month and a half was a bit crazy. I erased (for the most part) two research papers a week before they were due. I finished them, graduated, went on a cruise, and have been working at my other jobs like crazy. Now, things are settled a little, but we are moving in 3 weeks, which means things are going to get even more insane.

Point is, I know I want to write on here once a day, but I am allowing myself the freedom to write when I can. Right now, I am working on a post about "being still." Hopefully I will have it up in a couple of days.


G. Barnhart said...

waiting....oh and change my blog link! :-)

photogr said...

Thanks for dropping by my rants. I made the correction. I am honored that you took the time to comment.

Back To Life Again said...

I just found your blog tonight. I am pursuing a MDiv, and have a great interest in history too. I hope you come back soon and write more!