Bend Over!!

I have yet to be subjected to a prostate exam, but I know I would not want this guy to perform it (or the guy to the left... creepy).  

But I do have my final exams for Summer B tomorrow.  Today is going to be spent with my nose in a bunch of books and outlining essays and terms for my tests.  

I have to write an in depth essay on the development of political parties in the U.S.  You know, starting with Federalists (those supporting the adoption of the Constitution) and Anti-Federalists (those against the adoption of the Constitution and supporting the revision of the Articles of Confederation) and moving into the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans (or Jeffersonians) and up to the death of the Federalist party.  Sounds like fun, I know.

I also have to be prepared to discuss the establishment of Israel as a state and it's effect on Palestinians and the area as a whole.  Also, the development of Iran and Saudi Arabia as states and their current governmental structures.

Further, I am finishing a paper on women's ordination.

Did I mention all of this is tomorrow?!

Now, I have not waited til the last minute.  I have been working on all of these things for a couple of weeks, but we are now in crunch time.  So what the heck am I doing on this blog??!!

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