Summer School's out for... summer?

That's right folks, no more whining about how many classes I am taking and all the reading and writing I have to do (well, just that my hand actually cramped during my second final yesterday and I had to go run it under cold water so that I could finish the essay... I am pretty sure I ended up with an A in all my classes).  

Now I can read whatever I want to read.  I can actually go to bed at night.  I can spend time with my wife and dog.  Here are some of my planned reads.  I want to finish Communities of Violence and Sanctorum Communio.  I am trying to get a little ahead for the fall so I am re-reading the Illiad and the Odyssey while reading Lysistrata, Bacchae, and the Trials of Socrates.  

Some of the other books that I have enjoyed this summer have been The ShackNot the Religious Type, and Jesus for President.  The plan for the next 3 1/2 weeks is to work a little, read some, sleep a lot, and visit the in-laws in Colorado.  I have been pining for this time since April and it is finally here.  Hallelujah.


shell said...

I am halfway through the shack and haven't decided what I think about it yet. Keith liked it and I have heard reviews on both sides.

A Modern Ancient said...

i liked the Shack. it was different but it in a good way. a lot of folks don't like it because it really challenges the way they see God and the Trinity. i liked it just for that reason.