Round and Round

So, I grew up in the '80s and the hair bands will always have somewhat of a hold on me. Today's title comes from the group Ratt and their "hit" song "Round and Round." While theirs is an attempt to focus on the positive ("love will find a way just give it time..."), I had to think negatively today...

As some one who experienced a level of abuse as a child, I know the dangers of perpetuating the cycle that is all too common. Those who are abused have a much higher risk of becoming abusers. So what happens to the person (or 1 entire group of people) who has been abused more than just about anyone else when they achieve a level of power? Just watch the video above.

While i will acknowledge the fact that the Jewish people have been horribly persecuted and oppressed (Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, Romans, Crusaders, Germans, etc.), it does not excuse their racial and religious oppression of the Palestinian people. No wonder the U.S. is an ally, we seem to treat our prisoners of "war" with the same hospitality.

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